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Analisi metalli preziosi

Analisi metalli preziosi

NITON Analyzer: XL2 800 Alloy Analyzer

Standard Hardware: 45kV/100uA, 2 Watt

Ag Anode X-Ray Tube

Si PIN Detector

Standard Calibration: Precious Metal

Color CCD Camera: Standard

Test Stands: Option

• Two rechargeable 6-cell battery packs

• Battery charger; AC power supply

• Carrying case

• Shielded belt holster

• SpectraView element scanner

• Integrated Angled touch screen with large intuitive color icons

• “Virtual” keyboard for data entry

• Password-protected set-up and operation with several other radiation safety features

• NDT© software suite for easy data downloading and viewing, remote control and grade library modification

• Alloy Analysis Mode includes:

• Chemistry Mode for alloy grade identification with user editable, pre-programmed library in excess of 400 alloys with element specifications; Signature Match Identification Mode to input over 250 alloy signatures to user-definable library; SuperChem Mode for single point empirical calibration analysis.

• PC connection cable

• Reference samples and/or certified reference material (s)

• Bluetooth Wireless Connectivity

• RFID technology for test stand recognition

Standard element set: Ag Pd Rh Ru Au Pt Ir Zn Cu Ni Co Fe W